Smart Foundation offers a range of services to promote education, empowerment, and environment. Some of our services are:

School Support Program:

We provide academic support, life skills training, and career guidance to students from underprivileged backgrounds. We also support teachers and schools with capacity building and infrastructure development.

Women and Child Development Program:

We empower women and children with awareness, advocacy, and action on issues such as health, hygiene, safety, and rights. We also facilitate their access to social welfare schemes and entitlements.

We engage with local communities and authorities to protect and restore the forest ecosystems in Bihar. We also promote sustainable livelihoods and environmental education among the forest dwellers.

Forest Conservation Program:
Psychometric Analysis:

At Smart Foundation, we offer top-notch Psychometric Analysis services that help individuals gain valuable insights into their personality traits, strengths, and areas of development. Discover a deeper understanding of yourself with our reliable and insightful Psychometric Analysis services at Smart Foundation!

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we at Smart Foundation believe that every child, irrespective of caste creed and socio-economic territory has rights to have education developed through their assessment of personality and psychological and mental well being.